Wednesday, March 09, 2005


We're not entirely sure how Michael Jackson can allow his publicist to make public statements on Jacko's state of mind (he was "hurt and embarrassed" when Star Arvizo claimed he'd stuck his hand down his brother's pants while knocking one out, as you can imagine) - surely even if it's not strictly breaking the tight gag order on participants, getting your paid spokesperson to make statements on your behalf is virtually the same thing as ringing up the editor of Fox And Friends yourself?

The last day and a half of testimony has been going well for Jackson, though, as the defence has thrown some doubt on Star's testimony. In a bit of an odd session, Thomas Mesereau showed the boy a pile of porn magazines and got him to confirm that they were the ones Jacko had shown him. Aaah... but the issue of Barely Legal Mesereau had passed him had come from August 2003, after the incident had taken place. Which either proves that Star was lying, or else that all porn mags look the same and it's hard to tell one two year old jazz mag from the other - it's not like there's much difference between one spread eighteen year old and another, is it? Just for a moment, though, savour the sweet joy that someone in Mesereau's office must have had trying to get hold of back issues of Barely Legal. It was either three hours of squirming on the phone. Or asking the client during a case conference.

More damaging for the prosecution was Star's admission that he'd lied in a clunky court case brought against JC Penney a few years back. It's not clear if the defense have thrown enough doubt on the lad's previous claims to have actually witnessed the molestations.

The case continues.