Wednesday, March 16, 2005


If it wasn't bad enough that Liverpool Airport had rebranded itself Liverpool John Lennon (apparently, and genuinely, after one of the managers had flown out of John Wayne Airport) and that all the signage there now says 'Above Us Only Sky', in a meaningless fashion (there are, surely, planes above them, too?), now Luton Airport is getting in on the act. Not be giving itself a stupid name - it's already got the London Luton official title, which is insane enough (they should make the heads of airports walk to the places they claim to be from their own airports, preferably on hot days with no water and carrying a full suitcase). No, Luton has carried out some sort of poll which has found that the lyric of All You Need Is Love is the greatest words ever spoken, and so they've painted them up around the airport.

We've flown out of Luton, and to be honest, in that context, "Flight 277 to Liverpool is now, finally, boarding" is a whole lot greater.