Wednesday, March 16, 2005


What is this, something interesting happening in the world of Snow Patrol? The band have stopped being mellow for long enough to sack Mark McClelland. There is a statement:

“Snow Patrol have parted company with bass player Mark McClelland. Following a life-changing year in 2004, Snow Patrol found themselves under a whole set of new and unexpected pressures. These pressures have unfortunately taken their toll on working relationships within the band, and it was felt that that Snow Patrol could not move forward with Mark as a member.

”Coming to this decision was the hardest thing the remaining band members have ever faced, it was reached with much regret. The band have not appointed a new member, and are currently in rural Ireland writing the follow up to 'Final Straw'."

We're not sure what McClelland has done - popular reasons for getting sacked can include fiddling the petty cash; sleeping with the bosses wife and selling hastily-photocopied trade secrets to the opposition; but unless somehow Gandaddy have scraped together enough to pay for industrial espionage, none of these things seem that likely.

McClelland was a founder member of the band; he's been a Snow Patroller for a decade.

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