Tuesday, April 19, 2005


What would get nme.com firing up its computer at two in the morning? The first public meeting of Pete Doherty and Carl Barat in almost a year is what. Although the pair move in the same circles and such a meeting was inevitable, that first bumping into each other was always going to be strange. It took place at an unamed "North London pub" - which narrows it down; presumably the actual pub's details have to be kept secret in case someone tries to sell it on Ebay. The pair chanced across each other, hugged, chatted, hugged some more, snorted each other's crack*; disappeared into a back room where they pulled each others clothes off for rampant origami boy sex for three hours** and recorded four tracks towards a new album*** before going their separate ways a few minutes later.

We think that's probably all there is to it, although nme.com does promise:

For more news on Barat and Doherty’s reunion, stay tuned to NME.COM

- so we don't know if they're hoping to bring details of what they were drinking or anything.

* - this one didn't actually happen
** - nor did this one, actually
*** - this is also unconfirmed right now

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