Monday, April 18, 2005


Gloria Gaynor's happiness to play virtually any gig which is offered to her threatened to get her into some sort of trouble, as a nasty scheduling conflict saw her booked to play Dubai in the United Arab Emirates about a week after her (for her) fairly high profile pro-Israel rally performance in Paris. But despite the attempts in the media to find a swell of anti-Gaynor feeling amongst Muslims in the UAE, the results are probably going to be more disturbing for Gaynor than that: they don't know her, and don't care:

Abdul Samia Abdul Basir, 22, said he did not know who Gloria Gaynor was, but even if he did he wouldn't care that she performed at the "Isra l je t'aime" rally.

If they hate you, it's bad. If they don't care, it's worse.

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