Sunday, April 03, 2005


The always useful Glastoblog has a hint why they're keeping the phonelines open: struggled but not as badly last year, but the BT network was still overloaded by demand. Better than 2004, it seems, but far from perfect.

And then there's this on Ebay, which makes it look like those keen to get tickets have had to resort to using secret URLs:

hey we got ours :)

We want to see you there too.......

try this link..

I just crushed the monkey and it burnt my snozzle....

the only payment I am asking for this link is an email PLease....... I wanna hear......

Questions from other buyers

Q: hi can u help. ive submitted my order for 2 tickets, but have had a screen saying 'this page cannot be displayed' come up next rather than any conformation....more answered on: Apr-03-05
A: Too many is better than too few. Keep ordering. You can cancel if you need to :))) Don't worry, be happy :)

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