Thursday, April 21, 2005

PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE RUMOURS: and the sexiest women in pop, apparently

According to the Girls Aloud website, Nadine Coyle isn't on the point of quitting the band:

"I have absolutely no intention of leaving the girls and going solo.

"What sane person is going to want to leave the biggest girl band in the country?. The story was a load of rubbish and I didn't even bother reading it."

Well, if it was us we'd probably stay in for a couple more weeks to see if there's any redundancy pay-offs in the offing, what with the other rumours that the band aren't going to be allowed to produce another under-performing album and are about to be broken up. Shanghai Automotive has offered to buy the intellectual propety if any turns up.

In other Girls Aloud news, the new FHM 100 Sexiest poll reckons that not only is Cheryl Tweedy the sexiest woman in music, but she's also second only to Kelly Brook in the entire world.

Yes, they voted Kelly Brook at number one, which I think says everything we need to know about the validity of the electorate.

Stripped of the non-musical, this is how FHM readers believe the sexiest women in pop stack up:

1. Cheryl Tweedy (FHM pos 2)
2. Britney Spears (6)
3. Sarah Harding (8)
4. Beyonce Knowles (9)
5. Charlotte Church (10)
6. Rachel Stevens (13)
7. Lindsay Lohan (14)
8. Jennifer Ellison (17; stretching the "non-musical" point here)
9. Christina Aguilera (20)
10. Louise Redknapp (21)
11. Jennifer Lopez (22)
12. Jessica Simpson (30)
13. Joss Stone (33)
14. Nadine Coyle (35)
15. Kylie Minogue (37)
16. Delta Goodrem (39)
17. Holly Valance (42) (Still? And how come the ex-Neighbours bunch come together, eh?)
18. Kimberley Walsh (44)
19. Christina Milian (55)
20. Mariah Carey (58)
21. Billie Piper (61)
22. Nicola Roberts (77)
23. Anastacia (81)
24. Danni Minogue (84)
25. Dido (86) (we suspect by the time you're out of the 60s, it'd just take a book of stamps and an afternoon to get yourself into the chart)
26. Jamelia (89)
27. Frankee (91) (Yes, you do - she did that answer record to Eammon last year. Long memories, FHM readers)
28. Hilary Duff (95)
29. Avril Lavigne (98)


Anonymous said...

I'm pretty sure that Charlotte Hatherley should be at the top of this list...

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marissa said...

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