Saturday, April 23, 2005


50 Cent seemed to realise that making a record about the time he and his cronies beat up a couple of guys at a Washington Radio station was pushing his luck a bit - when the video for the song appeared for the frist time on BET Mr. Cent suggested it was apologia, not braggadoccio:

"This is my public apology. To all the people at Radio 1, I'm being sincere; we're sorry about what happened in D.C. It'll never happen again."

Unfortunately, one of their victims isn't entirely convinced by what, to him, seems to be an attempt to make some money and rep off the back of the violence, and so Kwasi Jones is suing 50 Cent. Apparently, the trouble started because 50 Cent was wearing one of those twattish bluetooth earpieces (because, yeah, lifting a phone out of your pocket might waste valuable microseconds when you could be conversing):

Kwasi claims the rage erupted after The Game's manager thought the DJ was making fun of his hi-tech earpiece by making a "Star Trek" Vulcan sign.

Kwasi says they escaped into an office, but when he went back to get a cell phone, the beating resumed.

"Next you know I'm being choked from behind very, very hard, to point where I'm blacking out," Jones said. "But just to be choked like that, you know it was intentional. I think it was to kill me."

Ole' half buck is still facing criminal charges over the incident, but turning it into a song has brought a civil case. Lawyers for Jones are seeking USD280 million dollars for "assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress and negligence for both the alleged beating and the song."

280 million? That's a hell of a lot of distress... and you could buy a lot of bluetooth headsets for that.

Get the 50 Cent look:

You too can look like you're off of Star Trek

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