Thursday, April 21, 2005


Ah. We'd kind of wondered if there could have been a format more crushing to the ego than Hit Me Baby One More Time. VH1 has created one - remaking, which not only drags the washed-up and half-forgotten out of their retirement, but then forces them to have plastic surgery as well.

Taylor Dayne has been through it, although she wasn't that jazzed by the surgery and injections of poison botox - she was doing it for the cash, and the kids:

“What was I thinking?” Dayne asks defensively. “I was thinking my kids got to have a good week at Epcot Center. I was thinking, it’s paying my bills. I’ve grinned and beared a lot of crap … .”

Never mind what Dayne was thinking, what on earth was the programme's creators thinking? More normalisation of plastic surgery served up as entertainment. On the other hand: Noel Gallagher wants to look ten years younger...

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