Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Queen have upset the people of Rome by pressing ahead with a gig round the corner from where the Pope was lying in state. The group don't quite suggest it's what the Pope would have wanted, but the implication is there:

"After consultation with local authorities, promoter Barley Arts decided the concert should go ahead. Band opened concert with a minute of silence."

Interestingly, Guido Bertolaso - the chap in charge of getting the Pope properly buried - took a moment off from ringing the Co-Op to ask for an extra car now that Prince Charles is coming - to reveal that he's actually a fan of Queen. But he still thinks they made a bad choice:

"I think that in this moment of pain and prayer, a concert should not be held in our capital - with all due respect to what others believe."

But Guido, if you're a Queen fan you'll know that this cash-in tour is little more than a desecration of the memory of Freddie Mercury. Why on earth would you expect them to worry about any other memories into the bargain?

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