Friday, April 22, 2005


Not in Berlin, at least this year: The Love Parade has been cancelled for the second year running; this time because they can't find anyone willing to sponsor the event. They're still hoping they can resurrect it next year, according to the Parade's Sabine Bremermann:

"We will do everything we can, in co-operation with the city-state of Berlin, industry and the media, to find a way to make a comeback the year of the World Cup."

God loves an optimist. We do love that Germans seem to have reclassified 2006 as "the year of the World Cup".

Meanwhile, in the UK, Creamfields somehow is coming back again this year, for whatever reasons they think it's needed. The Liverpool Echo is excited by the line-up; although Faithless, Basement Jaxx, Pete Tong and Lisa Lashes hardly is the most thrilling musical menu we've seen. Still, tickets are only a loss-making £51.50.

Younger readers might be interested to know that Cream was once a quite important nightclub which would play dance music. Dance music was a type of music that people did when rock was in hospital for a couple of months.

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