Thursday, May 12, 2005


Obviously, Brian McFadden must be aware that he's going to come in for a little bit of flack if he starts criticising other artists from his glasshouse of limited talent; but even so, for a man who was married to Kerry Katona and who has worked with Delta Goodrem to attack Madonna for lack of talent is pushing it.

"People are saying Madonna makes great music. It's really rubbish. She doesn't have a good voice, she's boring.

"Just because she's Madonna, everybody says 'brilliant' and 'genius'. I don't think she's ever been a good musician."

First of all, Brian, since she's not actually attempted to be a musician since she quit playing drums in the Breakfast Club, that's hardly relevant, is it? It's not like you're an expert with the bloody oboe.

Secondly, we would agree that Madonna hasn't done anything worthwhile since Ray of Light, and has - through a mixture of arrogance, poor advice and lack of attention to detail - managed to turn herself from a stellar icon into the Norma Desmond Karaoke Show. But the tragedy of Madonna in 2005 is how far she fell from the Madonna of the late 80s. Perhaps, Brian, when you record an Into The Groove, or a Material Girl (we wouldn't expect anything approaching a Like A Virgin), you might wish to return and deliver an expert opinion. Until then, you'd be better off sticking to telling Delta that her mangling of I Can Sing A Rainbow is really great.

Still available after all these years...

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