Monday, May 09, 2005


Texan senator Gonzalo Barrientos thought it would be a nice gesture to name a stretch of road after Willie Nelson; and so picked Highway 130 and proposed a couple of signs and a change to the map.

First of all, a bunch of other guys complained they didn't want the road to change its name as it crossed their areas, so Barrientos agreed that the Willie Nelson highway would disappear and reappear to keep them happy.

Then came a letter from Willie Nelson's people: he believed he was too grand to have something as mundane as a road named after him:

"However, Willie simply does not feel that the naming of a toll road in his honor comports with his world view on either a personal or an artistic level,"[attorney Leon] Katz wrote, adding he must decline the request that Willie grant permission to name the toll road in his honor.

Presumably Nelson would accept nothing less than having all of Texas renamed for him.

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