Saturday, May 07, 2005


It's lucky the RIAA doesn't have a soul or anything, otherwise it'd have to spend some time searching it to try and work out exactly why people hate it and most of the artists it's members represent. Even Jaguar - who are owned by Ford, so not entirely afraid of the faceless monolith - are so convinced the majors couldn't generate a good time given a bag of coke, Kate Moss and a bucket of goosefat - when they came to pull together a CD to reward testdrivers of their 2005 model, they had only one instruction for Jason Bentley, a Santa Monica DJ who compiled the set: "They didn't want me to use music from major labels." So instead, Jaguar 2005 features Lemon Jelly, Cut Copy, Zoot Woman and the like.

Of course, there's a certain amount of "making the brand cool" bollocks in sticking just to the indie labels, and you can probably gather flipcharts from the Jaguar dustbins to prove the point, but even so: a major corporation telling four other corporations that, by definition, their music doesn't cut it, even for people who drive pointlessly expensive cars - that's really got to hurt.

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Anonymous said...

I sign up for a test drive and I just recieved this box set. didn't even have to do the drive... but 3 out 4 of the disc won't load on my mac. kow if this has anything to do with drm and if so how do i get around it?



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