Tuesday, May 03, 2005


We were contacted a little while back by somebody who liked Toyah Wilcox, a little testy that we'd drawn attention to her campaign against an asylum seeker centre being cited close to her village. "It wasn't, explained our correspondent, that she had any problems with people from overseas, or even minded overmuch that there were going to be a lot of them near her house; no, she was just worried that the Immigration Centre wasn't the right way to greet people fleeing troublespots. Which might very well be the case, although it does puzzle us why - if her concern was defacto concentration style camps for immigrants - she had campaigned to stop a centre being cited near her house, rather than, say, to allow immigrants to be allowed to live in the community while their claims were being processed. Our correspondent didn't have anything to say on Toyah telling people that their loved ones who committed suicide wouldn't get into heaven. Anyway, Toyah and reality TV whore Andy Scott-Lee have signed on for the next series of Channel Five's The Farm. That's the one where Rebecca Loos wanked a pig.

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