Monday, May 02, 2005


Plans to hold a major music festival at the Walkers Yummy Crisps Stadium, home of advertising for Walkers Crisps (oh, and Leicester City play there, too) have fallen through. The organisers of the Foxes Festival couldn't attract enough top-level talent to the city to make the event, scheduled for June 1st, worthwhile. They had booked Status Quo, Lemar, and Darius, which gives you some idea of just how far down the league table they were getting in desperation to fill the bill. The official line is that the event has been postponed - although they've yet to announce a new date; presumably they're going to work around whenever Pete Wylie, Richard Drummie from Go West and Limahl have a free weekend at the same time. If you've already bought a ticket you can ask for your money back, but to be honest, you probably don't deserve it.

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