Friday, May 13, 2005


The current generation of rock gods have basically rolled their eyes at Liam Gallagher's latest batch of insults, as you might treat a dribbling grandmother's shouting about how Edward Heath. Rather than kicking back, everyone's gone 'oh, are they still going?'. Tim from Keane:

"The biggest twats in a band? We don’t really care. I think he’s a cunt to be honest. He was in a band that was very brilliant in the mid-nineties and now they’re just not important anymore. No-one really cares."

Tim possibly over-estimated the importance of Oasis in the mid-90s. Russell Bloc Party, meanwhile, didn't burst into sobs at being labelled "a band off University Challenge":

“I used to buy NME in the nineties when Oasis were in their prime and the reason I bought it was ‘cos Liam Gallagher would say something stupid and funny every week. However, I thought that was really poor, that was the same thing he said about Travis and Coldplay. I’m throwing down the gauntlet because we don’t hate Oasis but I want a nice insult.”

Nice work, there - not only patting a once-fierce dog in its dotage, but also pointing out that, hey, Oasis were going when I was a kid.

Ricky Wilson, who is on hand if Corrie ever need to recast Shaun, got in the best shrug, though:

“I was chuffed to bits. To even occupy space in Liam’s mind so he’d open his mouth about us is a compliment. He had a go for me wearing make-up, but the only reason I ever wore make-up was to look like him. It’s hard to get that dark, swarthy look in your eyes when you’re a ginger.”

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