Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Shaun and Bez clearly haven't sorted out their troubles with the taxman, as Happy Mondays are again gigging in London festivals this summer: they'll headline Get Loaded in the Park on August 28th. And, yes, The Farm will be there, too - it's unclear if the aim is to recreate 1988 or just last year's event. But the big news is Flowered Up are reforming for the event. They'll obviously do It's On (and probably not much else) but the excitement is in wondering if they'll wear the big flowers.

Still buyable:

Even he sharp-eyed might have trouble telling difference between this best of and 1992's A Life With Brian

Also playing this year: Amusement Parks On Fire, Apartment, Mohair, Ambershades, Caged Baby and Granddad Bob.
Next year: Time for the Paris Angels, surely?

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