Sunday, May 08, 2005


After a day or so of feverish excitement over plans for a Live 8 - a new Live Aid designed to coincide with the G8 summit - Bob Geldof has dismissed talk as 'kite flying'. "Why would I possibly repeat something I did 20 years ago?"" asked Bob, who at this year's Brit awards played all his songs from 25 years ago.

The event - which, clearly, then, isn't going to happen - is going to take place at Hyde Park on the anniversary of the original Live Aid; Capital Radio have already said they would be happy to drop their plans for their annual Princes Trust Party In The Park if there was to be a new Live Aid. Which there isn't. (We're guessing, though, there might be quite a high price to pay - perhaps the good people at the newly merged GWR-Capital are thinking of Live 8 as a potential idea for their planned increase in shared programming across the ILR network?)

But Geldof says it's not happening. He wouldn't want to revisit something he did 20 years ago. After all, it's not like Band Aid were number one at Christmas, is it?

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