Tuesday, May 03, 2005


"I was really touched. It's the last thing I expected to come through my letterbox."

That's Jamelia talking, but what was "the last thing" she expected to appear on her doormat? The gnarled hand of a trawler captain? A signed Beethoven score? A photo of Christina Aguilera naked? Nope, actually, it was a slice of Prince Charles' wedding cake. That's the recent wedding, not the one at the start of the tragic and loveless heirdom pact between him and the other woman. Apparently, the cake was to say "thank you" for all Jameila's tireless good works for the Princes Trust. Mind you, if he was that keen to say thank you he could have invited her - bloody Richard E Grant got a seat in the Chapel, which hardly seems fair.

Maybe it'll turn up on Ebay.

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