Thursday, May 12, 2005


Perhaps as an acceptance that their readership is of an age where even prog-rock seems modish and threatening, the Express is the only paper to get excited about the launch of another Rolling Stones tour:

It's another familiar face from the past who haunts most of the other papers, though, as Macauly Culkin turns up to say 'No, Michael Jackson never touched me there', which is convincing - after all, if Jacko touched him, the multi-million payoff would surely have allowed him to avoid that slightly desperate, "living at a La Quinta motel" air that clings to Mac these days:

The Telegraph - apparently unconvinced by the Mel b v Geri battle - tries to muscle its way on the Coldplay 'head to head' with Oasis:

The Daily Star doesn't let it's key duty (being the first to run a woman in a bikini with a 'phew, what a scorcher' headline - for a heatwave that hasn't happened yet) distract it from attention to the two big stories, Mac and Michael and Renee and Kenny (both, oddly, about a film star sharing a bed with a musician). For Renee's story, the Star has found another "whirlwind" romance - although Kenny and Renee weren't exactly a Britney crashing up the aisle affair, as they met back in January - longer ago than most celebrity relationships manage. And, oh, look, it's that picture again:

Even the Americans are lumbered with that one picture:

Having had to offer congratulations to one celeb couple yesterday, today The Sun is back on form, stirring up a spot of trouble. Who has Cameron Diaz been kissing behind Justin Timberlake's back?

USA Today, meanwhile, is worried about Britney and her craziness:

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that's the blog of the guy who was pictured 'making out' with cameron diaz...

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