Saturday, May 14, 2005


There's nothing like people with money doing things just to prove how much money they have - for example, there's nothing very tacky about someone hiring Destiny's Child for their kid's bar mitzvah, is there? Mind you, if we were thirteen and our dad was paying four million to Beyonce, I'd be expecting her to help my passage to manhood in a slightly different way than just by singing bootylicious. Philip Green - owner of BHS and Top Shop - is also talking about getting Justin Timberlake for the party, curiously suggesting he's trying to buy up everyone who's ever appeared in a McDonalds advert. The three-day event on the French Riviera will make history for being the first bar mitzvah ever where nobody is interested in the kid. As today's Times illustrates, it's all about the entertainment:

The Guardian, meanwhile, is thrilled that Rolf Harris has been invited to do the official portrait of the Queen for her 80th birthday - presumably she's tired of so many recent official portraits where the "can you tell what it is yet?" comes when you're looking at the finished article. Let's hope she sticks around long enough for him to finish it.

And the Mirror is suggesting that Madonna's seeking help to add another child to her brood. She really is desperate to keep up with Britney, isn't she?

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