Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Now, nobody used the phrase "You have to be nice to me because my sister's ill", but it does seem extraordinary that Gavin Newscom, mayor of San Fransisco, declared Saturday Dannii Minogue Day (we'd love to see the Hallmark card). Sure, it's the most gay place on Earth, but surely not even Frisco is that gay, is it? If Dannii deserves a day, then on that basis we're going to need to change the names of one of the months to 'GirlsAloudember'. In fact, we've just heard that Newscom has announced that the City diaries and calendars for next year will be marked "200Michelle Heaton of Liberty X" rather than 2006.

As part of Dannii's mini-gig at a nightclub, where she played all her American hits - or, at least, she would have done had there been any - she phoned Kylie up and had the crowd sing Happy Birthday to her. Because who wouldn't want to be roused from our sick beds to hear a crowd of drunken revellers bashing out Happy Birthday?