Monday, May 16, 2005


Join us for another dip into Fred Durst's blog, if you dare:

Today has been a long time coming
we would like to thank all of you who have gone out of your way to pick up The Unquestionable Truth Part 1 as well as any other previous LImp Bizkit music in the past.

Since the album limped into the charts at 24 in the States, you could probably get round and thank all the people who went to buy it personally, Fred. (Ryan Adams was only two places behind with the entry for Cold Roses, and he's hardly a major selling force).

our hearts and souls have made Limp Bizkit what it is today and we have truly lived every single second of this with you. regardless of the clouds that turn up we have realized without the rain there would be no growth. we are grateful for every single fucking thing that we have encountered along this journey. if not for the real lives of the members of limp we would not feel as if we even had anything to write music about. our music is a broad collection and an interpretation of these feelings.

Grateful for everything? The fan being crushed to death while you were goading the audience? The claims that you'd visited her in hospital when actually you hadn't? Refusing to go in person to the inquest? We know that you're meant to make lemonade when life gives you lemons, but you're surely not telling us that you try to convert deadly nightshade into a juicy drink too, are you, Fred?

let this one settle for a minute. it is not a first listen experience for most and we feel proud about that. it wasn't a first listen at all for me, but as the days continue TUTP1 has grown on me and is now making sense in ways i had never dreamed. we are all just channels for something more than we can comprehend at times. stepping back and getting perspective definitely helps to realize this.

Now, that's kind-of-ominous. The man who made the record and knew what to expect (and, presumably, had heard demos and rehearsals) didn't like his own record the first time he heard it. We wonder what it was that made him change his mind - perhaps the sound of cashregisters ringing.

Damn, we wish Noel Gallagher kept a blog.

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