Wednesday, June 29, 2005


We're being drip-fed details of the plans for when Britney Spears pops out her kid:

The singer has selected a luxurious room in a Scottsdale, Arizona hospital where she’ll have her baby, according to a report, and has made sure the rooms on both sides will remain vacant.

“Britney wants white and yellow roses in the room when she gets there,” a source told the upcoming issue of the Star.

What’s more, “Britney wants all the nurses serving her to be given background checks.” The staff will reportedly be interrogated by both hospital staff and Spears’ mom. And, of course, there’ll be catered food.

Oh, Britney, don't treat the staff like shit, love - the last thing you want is a small head forcing itself out of you only to discover the nurses are pissed with you for not trusting them. "Gas, you say? Oh, but don't we need your mom to check the gas before we give it to you?"