Friday, June 03, 2005


Jack White has, in the sort of haste which will have elderly women everywhere heaving their bosoms and muttering "repenet at leisure", got married to Karen Elson:

Karen Elson and Jack White were married yesterday on the confluence of three rivers – the Rio Negro, the Salimones and the Amazon – in the Amazon basin in the city of Manaus, Brazil. They were married by a traditional Shaman priest on a canoe at the exact place where the three rivers meet. The bride and groom were accompanied by a small party of close friends. The best man was Ian Montone. Meg White was the maid of honor. The ceremony was immediately followed by a blessing by a priest at a Catholic Cathedral called Igreja Matric in the historical city of Manaus. This was the first marriage for both newlyweds.

- we're not sure if that last sentence got cut in half, and was meant to end "except for Jack", or "if you don't count when he was married to the maid of honour", or "to be done by a shaman."

It's not known if Jack really did yell "in your face, Doherty" after kissing the bride. There's also some mutterings this is a stunt rather than a real wedding - does a shamanic wedding have any legal status? - so we'd hold off sending them a toaster and a card until we know for sure.