Monday, July 18, 2005


The heaviest odds facing down the development of an indie online music distributor, of course, is that although the all-through-the-net model should make it easy for people to leap from source to source - everything is a click and a mouse gesture away - in practice, people tend to find a service and stick with it. But, for the adventurous, welcome Indieburn, a peer to peer network offering DRM free, paid-for downloads. Their aim is to help develop and feed artists - the musician gets fifty percent of all cash made from the selling of their music, which is great.

We do have concerns - they're trying to force people to buy full albums in one go (the pricing structure - a hefty four bucks for an ep against eight dollars for an album) points in this direction, but that's looking for quite a hefty cash commitment for a roster of artists who are unknown. It doesn't exactly encourage sampling. We know that it pains artists to think that people might want to choose just a couple of songs from them, and that they should be thinking of forty cents a pop max, but the longterm rewards in extra sales would probably soothe their brusied egos a little.

It's a good step in the right direction, but it's still making the big mistake of the majors - trying to impose the real world pattern of albums and eps onto a delivery service best suited for individual tracks. That it's being run by a former major label exec comes as no surprise.
[Tip of the hat to Tiny Mix Tapes]


Brian Colton said...

Just to start this out the right way, and get this out in the open, I am the founder of INDIEBURN.COM.

I just wanted to debate a few points you brought up in your blog.

First, to sell a singe for 40 cents, doesn't work as the overhead costs more than 40 no one (not even the artist would make any money).

Second, the reason the music industry is in such pain right now is because the industry has been focused on the idea that they should promote "singles" and not "artists". So instead of caring about the next Pearl Jam album...a music fan cares about the next hot single being played on the radio.

As for not being able to sample on INDIEBURN.COM...without can hear :30 second clips of each song, and get a FREE single from each full length album. You can make an educated decision before spending that hard earned $8.00.

Finally, I was not an "executive" in the music industry. I worked my way up to a middle management type position (after 8 1/2 years), but fundamentally it was the executives that made the decision to eliminate my position and lay me off.

I was not a part of the problem. Just a casualty.

I'm more than happy to answer any questions about INDIEBURN.COM, so next time if you decide to write something...send an email my way, and I'll answer away.

Be well,

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