Monday, July 11, 2005


Leaving Westwood looking ever more isolated, Danny Rampling is going to quit djing on New Year's Eve. He's issued a statement:

It’s been said that as a pioneering DJ I made a significant contribution to the history of club culture over these last two decades. I have most certainly filled my own personal suitcase of dreams and ambitions during the course of the last 18 years.

Looking back from where I am today as a man, a husband and a father - I am humbled to have played a part in a time that will go down in humanity as a musical revolution. A time when music took a powerful seat at the table of world’s change and made it’s impact globally to millions of happy people. Dare I say love-happy faces of all creeds and races?

The passion and the energy I helped project in developing the UK and American House music scene in its infancy was contagious, it spread like a bush-fire until it engulfed the world and regardless of what the cynics may have said it was a rebellious force that made a positive statement for change in British youth culture. Especially the second summer of love - the halcyon years of 1988 and 1989. “Shoom Shoom” they roared in every room.

Those 18 years on the DJ stage have been such a brilliant experience. Sharing music and love with people all around the world in the darkest corners to the most fabulous settings always spreading the true vibe of House music with its message of peace and harmony.

You might notice that Rampling isn't really expecting the world to go "Oh, really? That's nice for him" and surf on to the next announcement - this is, you know, significant. He developed everything and invented energy, you know.

You're probably interested in what Danny is going to do next. Oh, go on, pretend you are... yes, he's going to open restaurtants:

Over the years of playing around the world, I have been slowly developing a taste for fine wines and modern eclectic cuisine. Many of my friends are chefs or wine importers and the passion and enthusiasm I have for this has made me take the decision to bow out at the top and open a restaurant in central London next year. My son Claudio and my wife Patricia will also benefit from me being at home in the city full time rather than jetting off around the world returning jet-lagged for days only to go off and do it again a few days later.

The new vision is very challenging but its also exciting getting closer to the realisation of another dream of being a restaurateur. I am certain now is the right time to turn and face the change head on and enjoy. The emphasis will be on having fun at a restaurant (rather than a stuffy silent environment) and enjoying stylish food of the highest standard. It will be a large chilled space with 80+ covers and I am fortunate that my business partner has 17 years experience in Michelin Star restaurants. The cuisine will be modern European with Southern Mediterranean influences. More information of this venture will be announced.

Oh god, a huge restuarant with overpriced food and a "fun" atmosphere. He's lucky he's got a Michelin star associate on board, because apart from that detail he makes it sound like a Brewsters or a Hungry Horse.

But he wants to bow out on a high, so, of course, his announcement has to end with a self-puffing overstatement:

The culmination of 18 years DJ'ing will also see a landmark compilation release on Defected. I am currently putting together a 3 CD set, which will be released at the end of the summer. Two of the CDs will reflect the greatest timeless tracks I’ve played over the years, which will reflect the magic of the days of Shoom, Pure Sexy and the Love Groove Dance Party. The final CD will be eclectic Balearic. This collector’s edition will be a piece of history.

Not just a mix CD, then. Oh, no, it's a landmark and a piece of history, like Lincoln's hat.