Thursday, July 21, 2005


What is going on with Eminem (look, you could at least look like you care...)? Obviously, he had been rumoured to be on the point of retiring and putting all his attention into resident's committees, organising outings and so on; indeed, his manager Paul Rosenburg was happy to confirm that the current Encore tour is "certainly the cap on this part of his career" - and it's, you know, called Encore, like what you do right at the end. But Eminem? He's rubbishing the idea from his allotment - sorry, stage:

"How many of you all read the tabloids? Cause there's some shit goin' around that I'm retiring."

According to SOHH, the rapper addressed the Detroit Free Press article while onstage, noting the story ran next to a piece about the moon "to blow up today". He then added, "I'm retiring? Then I guess the moon just blew up" before mooning the crowd.

I believe this is what's known as "seeing his arse."

So, we're putting the collection for the clock on hold, but you can still sign the card if you like. Just in case.