Tuesday, July 12, 2005


It's not really looking that good for EMI, then - they're finally getting the Spice Girls to put together that final album, only the five Spices aren't prepared to do it together. Indeed, not only will they not be in the same studio, they're actually not even recording in the same country as each other. Victoria is doing her business in Spain, Mel B in LA; Geri is screeching like a banshee with its fingers trapped in Arkwright's till in the South of France while Mel C and Emma are doing their work in London.

Has the band changed since their last record? A source:

"They plan a greatest hits album next year and a couple of new songs would help sales. It's early stages. The girls won't release anything if it doesn't sound right - but they are hoping for the best."

Apparently, yes, they have changed - they've discovered quality control.