Thursday, July 21, 2005


In a photo session for Interview magazine, Britney Spears and her turkey-baster husband Kev have had a crazy "let's pretend" world where they gently take the rise out of their trashy image:

... except for Kev, of course, who seems to have dressed up for one picture...

and then changed back into his usual clothes. As did Britney:

We're starting to wonder if there's something happening behind the scenes with Spears - what if the PR chaps in the music industry have got so sick of the likes of us calling them that they've decided to show what would happen if popstars lost their "people" telling them what to do - like in that fairy tale where the princess persuades the cooks to show her father the value of salt by removing it from their dishes. In a few months, we expect to see PR people holding up these photos, saying "we might be odious, over-paid and wearing nasty, nasty shoes... but see what happens without us?"