Thursday, July 14, 2005


Excuse us while we adjust our tinfoil hats for just a moment; most people have a favourite September 11th conspiracy, but we think Mariah Carey might have just topped the lot - Mariah Daily has got a report from Sonntags Zeitung, the Swiss Sunday paper, where she reveals that the failure of Glitter was engineered by the media to take attention away from the terrorist attacks on America:

“Glitter” was ahead of its time – today it’s 'in' to make 80’s music. But the timing was bad - I released it around September 11 2001. The talk shows needed something to distract from 9/11. I became a punching bag. I was so successful that they tore me down because my album was at number 2 instead of number 1. The media was laughing at me and attacked me.

That's right - one minute, as I recall, TV was in rolling news lockdown, the next minute - nothing but Huw Edwards snorting at Mariah Carey. You'll remember Bush announcing The War on Glitter, of course, and the subsequent actions where even Celine Dion was behind Bush's campaign, allowing him to station troops in her dressing room before the final assault. Astonishing days.

Is it really so hard for Carey to admit that people didn't much care for an album rather than hide behind the terrorist slaughter of thousands to explain its low sales?


Anonymous said...

She needs major mental help,if she really thinks that.

Anonymous said...

I think it is quite well established that she needs major mental help. I think a few years in a padded room with an 'I love myself' jacket and daily Thorazine shots would work wonders for her!

Anonymous said...

Too bad Mariah's Glitter did come at a bad time. If we weren't distracted, we might've paid attention to the funner things. Nothing wrong w her philosophy! How is that mentally ill? Can't knock on someone's awareness, who has experience before and after your opinion.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she is right you guys are just a bunch of haters but it dosn't matter anyways that her movie flopped she still richer then all of you...oh yeah and 9/11 wasn't a terriost attack it was a attack planned by the president ya dumb bitches!!!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Tperez... if Bush did plan the 9/11 attacks - something which his inability to plan anything else makes seem more than a little unlikely - then that would still be an act of terrorism, wouldn't it?

(FWIW, the official line round here is that the administration probably knew something was going to happen, and weren't minded to stop it. A little boom to focus people's minds. The surprise was in the scale and success. But then, we're guessing.)

And, yes, Mariah Carey is richer than us. But I wouldn't swap love and an overdraft for what she's got, ta.

Anonymous said...

First her blaming 9/11 for the flop of her movie,that's just sick,I knew she has alays been self-centered and shallow,but saying that was taking it too far,and besides she was our punching bag before 9/11.
To the reason why her movie flopped,it SUCKED,I saw it.
Yes while she may have money and beauty,she's very lonely,and with my meaningless job,barely getting by,I am alot better off then she will ever be.
What happened on 9/11 was an attack on all of us not just her.

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