Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Poor Delta Goodrem - she's enjoyed the upside of being the New Kylie, now she's being marked out as riding a Kylie-style backlash - the period describes as "the backlash that turned Kylie Minogue into a singing budgie for years." No, we don't know what that means, and we're not even sure what period of "years" they're referring to - there was a period when Minogue went for indie credibility, but that wasn't a backlash, it was an experiment. Albeit one that commercially wasn't that great. And it was more months, not years. And what does "singing budgie" mean?

Basically, there's an attempt to try and shore up Goodrem's brand value by suggesting that even Kylie went through a period of commercial wobble - although the two cases aren't comparable at all; Luke Hede from Dainty Consolidated Entertainment is also doing his bit:

"She will have sold 80,000 tickets across the country," Mr Hede said.

"It is really disappointing to hear all this misinformation about her concerts. We don't know where it is coming from, and why, but it just isn't true."

Mr Hede said more than 8000 tickets had been sold for her Monday's show at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre which has a 9500 capacity.

So, that's hundreds and hundreds of unsold tickets. Over fifteen percent of tickets left unsold. Plenty of room inside. And so on. And it's not unfair to assume that he's plucked out the best sales figures as an example, which points to other venues starting with at least a fifth of the hall offering space for hats and coats.

But we can help Dainty Consolidated Entertainment (brilliant name that, by the way - Consolidated Entertainment - you can just smell the steaming of song parts from discarded carcases and the vat of boyband gloop bubbling away in the corner of their Fun Factory, can't you?) in their search for "where the misinformation" is coming from... we'd point you in the direction of Delta's own interview with AAP where she played the "I had cancer" card to try and explain away the low ticket sales. Not, you'll note, a "I've sold tonnes of tickets", but "I haven't got to connect with everyone because I was behind four walls in a hospital for a while."

We suspect the main reason for the cool take-up of her offer is that she's made it plain she's not really that bothered about Australia, and that as soon as she's done her last gig on this tour, she's pissing off to New York. We'd imagine that most Australians just aren't that fussed enough to come and wave her off.


Anonymous said...

Simon, you may not realise that between about 1990 and 1996 or so Australians were so sick of Kylie that she basically couldn't get arrested in this country. She was publicly ridiculed as something Aussies were better off getting rid of to the Poms, in the same way we make fun of Barry Humphries, Rolf Harris and Germaine Greer. 'The Singing Budgie' became her nickname. About 1996 Kylie herself seemed to take stock of her lowly status and piss-poor record sales and set about reselling herself to Australia, initially through making appearances at the Sydney Gay Mardi Gras. It's worth keeping in mind, however, that commercially she remains far, far bigger in the UK than in her own country. No, we didn't buy Impossible Princess either. Yes, everyone in Australia hates Delta Goodrem too.

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