Monday, July 11, 2005


We find it hard to believe that it takes two people to produce one of Madonna's godawful children's books - intended to take a trite story and staple a pisspoor Kabbalah message to them, but according to Page Six, we can't really blame her for how bad they are: the paper reckons they're written by Eitan Yardeni, who churns out stuff for the Kabbalah centre. It seems unlikely that someone who has a day job that involves writing could turn out such stilted prose, but it would explain why Madonna sounds like she's unfamiliar with her own books when she does one of those sightly-unsettling readings to try and boost her sales.

On the side, while we were doing what we laughingly refer to as "research" for this piece, we came across this story from November 2000:

What was slated to be an evening of charity, dinner and support turned out to be a magical musical evening on Sunday, Oct. 29, at London's Harrington Club when Mick Jagger and his current and former Rolling Stones buddies, Ronnie Wood and Bill Wyman respectively, were joined onstage by Eurythmics band member Dave Stewart and award-winning pianist/composer Michael Kamen for a once-in-a-lifetime jam session in honor of the Kabbalah Centre. It was Jagger on vocals, Ronnie Wood on percussion, Bill Wyman on bass, Dave Stewart on guitar and Michael Kamen on keyboards. The scene was truly Rock and Roll Hall of Fame material with the reunion of Jagger, Wood and Wyman playing together.

The music began right after dinner when Jagger's brother and band started to raise the tempo with the sound of dueling guitars, a violin, percussion and vocals. Jagger and Hall took to the dance floor and their guests followed suit.

Curiouser and more curious.