Friday, July 15, 2005


Things must be jolly in the Pixies camp right now - not only are they doing lots of dates, taking them into year two of a reunion, but they're talking about making a whole new album.

Black Charles Frank Francis says this:

“It's all hugs and kisses, I'm pleased to report. We have been discussing recording a new album lately. As happy as we are with the success of the reunion tour, we really want to make a record for the right reasons, whether it is successful commercially or not. We would be satisfied if it played like our other records, never chart-topping but always in print."

And we'd be happy if it was better than Trompe Le Monde, which we never thought was a very high note to bow out on anyway.


Anonymous said...

oh come on Simon, trome le monde is an excellent record. Maybe not the whole way through but the first four or five songs are among my favorite in a row off of any Pixies album or really any album period. I think it's really interesting what with all the distorto screaming and spacey keyboards and alien lyrics, to me it's fun and scary. "Planet of Sound", "Alec Eiffel" "The Sad Punk" the "Head On" cover. That album is so awesome!

- - Matt Messbarger

Anonymous said...

Oh, I agree, fabulous record.

They've been playing 'the Sad Punk' again this tour :D

Anonymous said...

Tsk. Bad Simon

Trompe Le Monde was a relative return to form after the unholy, not to mention unlistenable, mess that was Bossanova.

OK, so they used Cher's wobble voice box on Planet Of Sound, when the single had been nigh on perfect with it off, but so what?

And finally U Mass is the greatest howl against smug self-satisfied future accountants - most students - whose idea of rebellion is drinking Cider and Smirnoff Ice and naming a bar after Rolf Harris.

Anthony T

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Maybe it was the context of first hearing it left me embittered - Peel played a huge chunk and had been leading it up to it all show (this was back when he went out so far late in the night they might as well have got him to do Farming Today at the same time...) - and I can remember there were a couple of us sat round the radio, excited, excited... and... when it eventually came, it just felt like a massive chasm had opened up between the expectation and what was being delivered. We knew the Pixies could do better than this - and , yes, I daresay if it hadn't been a band we'd never heard of, it would have put a spring in our step straight down to Probe the very next day. As it was... this was a band who weren't pushing themselves. Who seemed to be happy with making an album that sounded like the Pixies, when they could have been making a record that didn't sound anything like them. At the time, it felt it like a b-side collection masquerading as a proper release.

But I was a teenager, and you know what they're like

Anonymous said...

Hey, I don't want to hear anyone knocking 'Bossanova' either! Hehe.

The albums are long overdue for remastering and rerelease, I think!

Anonymous said...

how about remixing dolittle for starters. brilliant album brilliant songs. but don't you think the lack of reverb on the drums has dated?

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