Friday, August 26, 2005


The White House is still refusing to make any movements towards the woman who has spent the last thirteen weeks camped at the top of the Billboard Charts, despite the protester, Mariah Carey, making it clear she has no intentions of leaving, ever.

Carey started her occupation of the top of the singles list over three months ago in what some commentators have labelled a politically-motivated campaign to demonstrate the futility of the current music industry. A supporter of the woman, talking to CNN, said "Mariah has made it quite clear she'll move on when someone releases a single that deserves to be number one, and that's all she's looking for."

Observers suggest the stand-off at the top of the charts could drag on into the autumn. "She's got an extraordinary level of support behind her" said a source, "unless Bush does something to stop her, she could still be there at Christmas."

A similar occupation at the top of the British charts by former soldier James Blunt ended after five weeks when the nation woke up to itself.