Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Even before the Sun was reporting that Pete Doherty had got into yoga, his search for peace and serenity had ended when he louted up to Johnny Borrell and set about him at the Leeds Festival:

A festival source told NME.COM: “We’ve been told that Pete Doherty did in fact have a disagreement with Razorlight. Rumour is that Doherty walked into the band’s dressing room last night after both bands had played and in an unprovoked attack headbutted Johnny Borrell. Johnny put Doherty on the floor and left the dressing room, at which point festival security escorted Doherty from the dressing room and back to his bus."

It just shows how badly drugs screw you up if you get bested by a stick like Borrell.

Meanwhile, also at Leeds, a tradition was revived as the festival ended with people setting fires and having mini-riots - "sporadic outbreaks of low-level disorder", in the official police words - before going home. A number of arrests were made, mainly for assault, and the scenes weren't as bad as the battles and bonfires that marred the festival during its unhappy time at Temple Newsham.


Anonymous said...

Borrell a stick? Had a drink with a lady friend recently who had just seen Razorlight live, and she was raving about how Johnny "has the body of....an indie Adonis". Compare this to Doherty's 12-year-old's physique (as seen on BBC3 last night) and I'm not suprised he got knocked on his arse.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Are you sure you didn't mishear her, and she said "the body of Andrew Adonis"


- actually, seeing as Adonis is Baron Adonis of Camden Town, it's not unlikely he'd be some sort of indie-god...

Anonymous said...

Johnny spends about 2 hrs a day doing boxing training. He's seriously fit and strong and very good at skipping. Pete was prob just after some more smck cash from the sun by taking on his old band-mate.

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