Friday, August 26, 2005


There was a fair sharing around of awards at the Kerrang event last night - something for everyone. Except System of a Down, who failed to win in any of their five categories.

Green Day got best band and best live act, Funeral for a Friend best British band and My Chemcial Romance picked up best album and video. Best of You by the Foos picked up single of the year.

Trivium are apparently the best newcomers, although they have a name which sounds like an investment company rather than a rock act.

Iron Maiden went into the hall of fame, while Marilyn Manson won the icon award. Which he turned up to accept, bless his sweet little teenage eyemake-up.

Times must be hard at EMAP right now, though, as their Kerrang! Awards Blog is just the Q Glastonbury blog with a different logo stuck on it. Surely you can afford more than one typepad account, boys?