Tuesday, August 23, 2005


You might have thought that Dolce & Gabbana (they're kind of like Mike Baldwin without the charm) were keen to work with Madonna because the old boot still has a profile that will get their slacks and blouses into the newspapers. But, of course, they can't actually say "we're keen to tailgate on her press coverage" and so they flatter with the verbal equivalent of air-kissing:

"She is two women in one: aggressiveness and sweetness," Gabbana remembers the first time he saw the singer wearing his clothes, in a photo in the Internation Herald Tribune: "She looked just like a Sicilian woman. I said, "Domenico, look! Madonna is wearing our clothes!" Soon afterwards, we met her, she was wearing a man's pinstripe. She is one of the most amazing people. from her I have learned so much: about women, about business, about humanity.""

Goodness! A woman wearing a man's suit? Whatever next, eh?