Saturday, September 10, 2005


Even though he might do a Tin Machine or an Absolute Beginners from time to time, it's reassuring to know that David Bowie is still around and working. Though a lot of what he might do is pretty poor, it's a side-effect of his commitment to trying new things. So, it's good to hear that after his heart problems, Bowie's back playing live again. And, now he's fully fit, it's starting to come out just how serious his heart attack actually was. Apparently, the thin white duke was very, very pale at one point.

He's mostly pissed off that he'd given up smoking six months before the coronary:

"The funny thing about it is that I'd given up smoking six months before the heart attack.

"I was fed up with having to go outside for a smoke once the baby was born as it was cold. You can't smoke anywhere in New York so it made sense to give up.

He shrugs. "And then six months later I had the heart attack."

He's also not keen on letting Chris Martin steal credits he feels he deserves:

Explaining why he decided to make his comeback at a fashion event in the States, Bowie said: "I told them I'd do it only if they got Arcade Fire to perform. They're fantastic."

Laughing, he said: "I discovered them a year ago. Coldplay's Chris Martin has been saying he's discovered them first, but I did. So there. Na na na na na!"

Doubtless Martin will be complaining how such finger pointing and taunting really, really hurts him.