Wednesday, September 28, 2005


We do wonder at the self-importance of men like David Stansfield, who complained about his local Asda showing Rimmel posters with Kate Moss in them, getting the display removed.

David Stansfield, 42, who has two-year-old twins and a daughter of seven, complained to Asda in Burnley.

Yesterday he said: "Kate Moss is a role model for a lot of young women. Keeping her adverts in the store sends out completely the wrong signal."

An Asda spokesman said: "Kate Moss is ultimately contracted to Rimmel and not with Asda."

But if his oldest kid is seven, why would it even register that the poster was of Kate Moss anyway, much less that she'd been caught taking drugs? If a seven year-old kid is up to speed on the latests twists of the Doherty-Moss affair, you might think the father's problem is not with adverts in Asda.

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Andrew said...

A very good point.

But this whole saga is a nothing story- she's a model, why does everyone feign surprise- the fashion industry is rife with drugs.

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