Wednesday, September 07, 2005


Suge Knight has been released from the Miami hospital he was taken to after a "mystery assailant" shot him at the MTV awards party. Rather amusingly, just before the "mystery assailant" shot him, Knight has been bragging to XXL magazine about how bloody street he is:

"If you raised up or born in the ghetto, [watching your back] is what you do naturally. You don't choose the day you're gonna go," he said. "I don't walk in fear."

That's one hell of a finely tuned radar you've got there, Mister Knight.

Police are having no luck finding the "mystery assailant" because, despite Knight being shot in a busy room, the closest they can come to a description of the gunman is "a black guy in a pink shirt." Almost like he shot himself by accident and tried to cook up a story to cover up the embarrassment, isn't it? But if that was the case, he'd be wasting police time, wouldn't he?