Thursday, September 01, 2005


According to the Sky News gossip-stick, the US distributors aren't that keen on taking Madonna's new documentary into the cinema - this after she was unable to find a studio willing to back the project, and had to fund the making of it herself.

It seems the movie is a bit light on Madonna doing the stuff people like her for (falling off horses, being taken from behind by Vanilla Ice) and too heavy on the bits that have rapidly made her one of the least liked people on the planet ((kabbalah, really bad children's books, operating a one-woman humility-free festival, being married to that man who makes thug porn.)

What's curious is that while most people seem to have sensed that Madonna has become whatever the opposite of catnip is, some businesses are still pushing ahead under the delusion that people look at her and think "ooh, it's that sassy woman who used to be in the Breakfast Club" rather than "bonkers cult falling-off horse lady: Motorolla have lined her up for the iTunes phone launch ad, although she's there firmly to represent the 80s.