Monday, September 26, 2005


You know what only occured to us today? That Lucy Clarkson, who "opened her heart to The People" about all the lesbiancokeshag stuff she'd seen would be the same Lucy Clarkson who told the News of the World she'd been shagging Justin Timberlake behind Cameron Diaz's back. Only, of course, she hadn't been, and ended up costing Rupert Murdoch a large sum of money. Nice to see it hasn't stopped other sunday papers from getting their checkbooks out.

Meanwhile, Shaun Ryder has been shrugging his shoulders. Apparently, he could try to tell Moss to calm it down but would she listen?

Speaking to The Sun, Ryder said: “I wouldn’t give Kate advice on her habit – she probably wouldn’t listen to me anyway.

“I’ve been in Kate’s company but I can’t say I’ve ever done coke with her.”

Well, yes: Having Shaun Ryder stand in front of you and tell you to leave the drugs alone... it might not be entirely convincing, mightn't it?

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glo said...

That is really funny....hypocrisy is alive and well in all walks of life i'nit?

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