Thursday, September 01, 2005


The lease at CBGBs has run out - but the club isn't budging. Or so owner Hilly Kristal told a rally:

"We intend to stay. This is not a eulogy. There's no reason why we shouldn't come to an understanding."

The executive director of the homeless charity which owns the building, Muzzy Rosenblatt, doesn't seem to be in any mood to reach any sort of understanding:

He believed the it was in the "best interest of our clients - the homeless and neediest New Yorkers - to sever this relationship." He called on CBGB's to "vacate the premises both voluntarily and expeditiously".

Miami Steve Van Zandt out the Sopranos and the E-Street Band suggests that there's going to be a huge scrap:

"We're not going without a fight," he said. "If the eviction proceedings start tomorrow, which I hope it doesn't, we'll fight it in the courts."