Thursday, September 01, 2005


Who would have thought that claiming to have a book would leave you open to being thought a little bit of a thickie? Having seen herself on the receiving end of some claims that she might be less sparky that a underwater barbecue, Posh has tried to repair the damage by clarifying her comments:

"I always start them, get distracted, and never seem to get the time to finish - I’m sure all mothers with three boys know what I mean," she said.

Fair enough, with three active boys (do you see? She was counting David) you might find it awkward to work your way through a novel undistracted - if it was us, we'd not be able to get through a chapter without popping out to send the nanny down to the shops. Except, Victoria, originally you said that you'd never read a book, ever. Unless, of course, the magazine had misquoted you?

But, since you find it difficult to get the end of one of those books you start - eventually, it turns into a beautiful butterfly. No wonder he was always eating, eh?