Wednesday, September 14, 2005


It turns out we might have been wrong about Tatu all along - we'd had them pegged as straight girls pretending to be lesbians in order to flog records. But as they relaunch their career, they're denying it all. Not the being lesbians bit - oh, no, the new Tatu line is that they didn't even pretened to be gay:

"Our first video was about to love between two girls," said member Lena Katina. "We do not pretend to be lesbians -- we've never said we were. Julia (Volkova) just had a baby and currently has a girlfriend, and we've both always had boyfriends. We share a special bond."

Now, even if we allow that "love between two girls" isn't lesbianic in any way, and dressing up as schoolgirls, and kissing in the rain wasn't pretending to be gay, it's not like the only reason people might have thought a band whose name translated as This Girl Loves That Girl were attempting to create an aura of sapphism, is it?

And that's without all the onstage business. And the claims in interviews. You did pretend to be gay, girls; you can't start pretending you didn't just because you were rubbish at it.

Oh, and the new single sounds like your old ones, but without the confidence.


Anonymous said...

The crappiest criticism that I ever read! Should this be ironical? It's not at all.
Your weird arguments tergiversate with the quotation of the girls. That makes me laugh.

simon h,(author) this text is like your old ones, but without the confidence!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Tergiversate? Bloody hell.

But, yes, you're right, Sanft - the idea was to put my "weird" arguments up against the girls' quotations because, how can I put this, I don't actually believe them, you see?

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Typing, Keith. Some moron can't even type.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Well, your spelling is fine, Keith. Your grammar, if one wanted to be picky, is a little poor - it should be "an excuse for a website", rather than "an excuse of a website".

I take it you're still a big Tatu fan, despite the... well, despite everything? I can't see the attraction, myself - Trevor Horn made something out nothing on All The Things She Said; they had a wonderful marketing campaign but there was nothing to build on there. Still, I'm sure the band will be delighted at the tireless (albeit slightly tiresome) way you've chosen to show your support for them in 2005.

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