Tuesday, October 11, 2005


Yesterday's Victoria Newton's Bizarre column in the Sun had been predicting a massive blow-up between Liam Gallagher and Chris Martin at the Q Awards. Nothing, of course, happened in the end, which makes it even more odd that today's column is claiming second sight:

AS I predicted, the war between LIAM GALLAGHER and CHRIS MARTIN erupted as the pair came face to face at yesterday’s Q Awards.

Blimey... not only does Victoria Newton have predictive powers, but she's scooped the whole world. Nobody else seems to have seen this "explosive" meeting. So, what happened?

Liam could not resist calling mild-mannered Chris “a plant pot” as the COLDPLAY frontman stepped on stage to collect the band’s only gong.

Incoherent man mumbles something bemusing; few feelings hurt. We're only surprised Wade didn't give her the front page for this one.

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