Wednesday, October 12, 2005


We're getting a little puzzled about Bono - he seems to be getting more and more Jack Woolley as the months roll on. It was bad enough that he somehow forgot about all the demands for a genuine change in the deal for the World's poor on the journey from Live 8 to Gleneagles; now, he's getting the hump because people are using their private boxes at U2 gigs to raise political funds:

"The U2 concerts are categorically not fundraisers for any politician. They are rock concerts for U2 fans," a spokesman for the band said.

The angry outburst came as it emerged that former-first lady Mrs Clinton has 'invited' 18 people to join her for a concert on U2's sell-out Vertigo tour, providing they stump up £1,300 for the privilege.

Rick Santorum has also organised a fund raiser round a U2 gig.

The hilarious idea is that the concerts are "rock concerts for U2 fans", despite the fact that the luxury boxes Clinton is using are hired out for about four grand a time when U2 play. A rock concert with a comfy sofa and non-stop champers, then. And since the U2 business underwrites Bono's political career, isn't there a very real sense in which every U2 gig is a political benefit these days?


Miss Templeton said...

I blush to post this, but you do know the fun about Rick Santorum don't you?

American politics does have its moments!

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

I shan't ask how you came by this knowledge, of course...

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