Sunday, October 30, 2005


There has been some criticism levelled at the Bono-Bob Live 8 team over the way they approached signing artists up to the event (as if the very idea of not taking part was an insult to the world) and their emotive use of the Africans they claimed to be helping, turning them into mute cyphers. Both criticisms seem to have been borne out by the experiences of Eminem. And that's judging from a story Bob Geldof tells:

"Bono called me while I was in Africa and said 'he's (Eminem) not calling me back. I've got these pictures of kids wearing Eminem and D-12 t-shirts and we got them sent off to Eminem's office but did we hear anything? It's sad.'

He added, "If people don't want to do anything, then it's cool, I'm ok with that, but I wouldn't mind if they got back to us."

Perhaps, Bob, Eminem thought that using kids and tshirts (did you just happen to have them with you in Africa in by chance?) to try and exert leverage was so far beneath contempt a dignified silence might be the most telling response?

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